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4 Reasons Why Dogs Pant

4 reasons why dogs pant
Dogs pant to cool down: open their mouth, stick out their tongues and inhale air at high speed. This complex mechanism helps to release excess heat from their bodies. However, excessive panting can also anticipate a dangerous heat stroke. But other times, the dog breathes an accelerated mode notifies you afraid, under stress, suffering from a disease or need to lose a few kilos urgently. This article gives four reasons why dogs pant and points how to recognize when rapid breathing hides a health problem.

1. Dogs pant to cool down

The hot dogs can not break a sweat. The reason is that the dogs do not have sweat glands scattered throughout the skin, as if we humans. "The most efficient way for a dog to lose heat is through his mouth, by evaporation', says veterinarian Fausto Andres, head of Masqueanimales.tv website. This explains why, after exercise or when the thermometer rises on the street, the dogs take out the tongue, and breathe faster jadeen.

Although they have sweat glands in their pads areas, these are not sufficient to remove all the heat off our furry friends. Therefore, the panting of his mouth and removing water vapor through their language are the most effective mechanisms through which the dog has to be refrigerated.

2. Panting dog accelerates, is there a danger of heat stroke?

The body of a can works as a refrigerator. The normal temperature ranges between 38 degrees C and 39 degrees C. So what happens when the animal detects excessive heat? Dog's body starts, pumping warm blood to the area of language and begins panting canine. "The dog pants and sticks his tongue. This process makes the hot water vapor condenses in the lungs by touching the mucous membranes of the mouth and tongue, cooler,' says Andrew.

The pants can naturally for cooling and lower its temperature. This is normal when you have made exercise. However, you may also notice that our four-legged friend has problems: wheezing can expect dangerous heat stroke.

"A healthy dog breathes 10 to 30 times per minute', says scientific publishing Web Md. But if the rate of respiration is accelerated, it may be a sign that the dog is in trouble or at risk of suffering a stroke heat. When wheezing is accompanied by excessive drooling can be a bad sign.

The council is taking the dog for a cool and airy place, offer water, wet their feet, covers with a cold wet towel and go immediately to the vet.

3. Dogs pant for stress or fear

A choking dog, a panting excessively, may be afraid or suffer stress. Anxiety, as we happen to people, accelerates the heart rate and triggers the excessive panting in dogs. This explains a sole anxiety sufferer can breathe excessively.

The vet visits often cause anxiety. The fearful dogs taken to the vet are many: this phobia is among the most common canine fears. The animals fear going to the doctor bark, growl, hide and pants quickly, as a result of anxiety.

The dogs are scared of storms also breathe in extreme ways during downpours with thunder, like dogs with fear of firecrackers or fireworks. If the panic does not subside, and even increases, should go to the vet or consult a dog trainer.

4. Does your dog pants a lot? You may be obese

The half of the dogs living in cities suffering from overweight or obese, according to data from the Association for the Prevention of Obesity in Companion Animals. This means that, in Spain, about 2.5 million urban dogs carry more kilos of healthy.

The canine obesity is a chronic disease that favors certain diseases in animals and also can shorten their life expectancy. An overweight dog has more trouble refrigerated and therefore a dog is panting more often. What is the advice when the breath of your furry friend is exaggerated? Subjecting the dog to test the balance.

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