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Before Choosing A Dog There Are Plenty Of Practical Points To Consider

Before choosing a dog there are plenty of practical points to consider
Before choosing a dog there are plenty of practical points to consider. These are important topics, because you don’t want your new companion to be an impulse decision and one that you’ll end up regretting.

One of the sad realities of pet ownership is that millions of pets, both dogs and cats, end up in shelters or rescue each year due to circumstances beyond their control.

A family move, divorce, pet care cost, a lack of time and commitment by the owner are just some of the reasons why dogs are taken to shelters.

Here is a list of dogs of based on category:

Based on Size:

Small Dog Breeds
Medium Dog Breeds
Large Dog Breeds
Giant Dog Breeds

Dog Groups

Dogs can be classified into different groups that have more to do with their overall natural instincts than actual breed. Here we will cover the seven different dog classifications used by most breeders and dog associations when referring to a specific breed of animal. Additional information on these groups can be found by clicking on the group’s name. Please note that the definitions of these categories can cross one another.

Non-sporting dogs – this category of dogs is a catch-all that was created by the American Kennel Club for any dogs that did not fit in the other categories. These are usually the pure-bred house pets. Many non-sporting dogs have jobs, such as therapy dogs, guide dogs, etc. These are companions to their owners and include breeds such as the Bichon Frise, American Eskimo, Chow Chow, and Dalmatian.

Working dogs – these dogs are actual working animals that have been trained to perform specific tasks that assist their human companions. They are usually predisposed to working and enjoy the physical activity they get. Working dogs can work detection, search and rescue, sleds, and even entertainment. Breeds of working dogs range from poodles to St. Bernard’s to German Shepherds.

Herding dogs – considered a class of working dog, herding dogs are trained to help farmers and ranchers round up their livestock. They are very common to find on farms herding cattle, wild horses, sheep, and more. While they are part of their human owner’s family, they are also considered part of the ranch’s employees. Herders include Australian Shepherds, Border Collies, Old English Sheep Dogs and Welsh Corgis.

Gun (Sporting) dogs – these dogs are trained to help their hunter owners in retrieving game, usually birds. They can be broken up in three main categories: retrievers who actually fetch the downed prey; flushing spaniels that scare the birds into flight; and pointers who show their owners the direction the game is in. The breeds in this category include most of the Spaniel breeds, the Setter breeds, and Retriever breeds.

Terriers – terriers are typically small, very active, fearless, and wiry little dogs that were originally developed to control small rodents above and below ground. Larger terriers were used at one point to hunt badgers, otters, and river rats in deep water. Terriers and hounds were cross bred in the 1700s to improve their hunting skills. Today terriers are usually used as companion dogs that are loyal, affectionate, and have big characters that require a firm hand. Terriers include Jack Russell terriers, Cairn terriers, Airedales and Bull terriers.

Hounds – another type of hunting dog, hounds usually assist their owners by tracking or chasing the prey. Sight hounds, such as Whippets, are fast and are able to keep up with their prey. They are able to catch and kill their quarry for their owners. Scent hounds, like the Basset hound, can track their prey by following their scent. They are long on stamina, but do not run fast. Other hounds, like Beagles, Bloodhounds, and Greyhounds, have the qualities of both other types.

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