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Dog Potty Training Tips: Use A Schedule

Dog potty training tips: use a schedule
Many people think that their dogs understand when they've done something wrong because of the guilt they show on their faces. The truth is that dogs know when their masters are mad at them, but they don't know why.

Potty Training Dog

Dogs can't associate what they are doing with their master's anger even a few minutes after the annoying act has taken place.

But, put yourself in the dog's place: Wouldn't it be cool to do what you have to do in any place you want to?

Besides, why would he have to respect your house, anyway? It's not that simple, the truth is that dogs do need house training.

But house training can be a frustrating experience for both your puppy and yourself. So, in order to be successful, you should understand your puppy's needs.

Then, take your time to persistently work with him until you create a habit. That way you can have a dog who will behave well within the house.

Training your puppy to go to the toilet outdoors or within the house can be as simple as following a daily routine. According to experts, dogs learn better and faster when they are taught repeatedly and persistently.

Potty Training Dog, believe or not, is possible if you put the following three suggestions into practice:

Create an environment in your house to prevent accidents.
Plan a consistent schedule.
Reward your dog every time he goes to the toilet at the indicated spot or place.

Items You'll Need To Potty Train Your Dog

Use the crate during the time when you can't supervise your puppy in order to prevent accidents.

Dog Treats
I recommend you to keep them accessible because during the first weeks you will have to reward your puppy everytime he goes to the toilet at the indicated spot.

6 Foot Training Leash
Use the leash to take your dog outdoors to the toilet and to supervise him within the house.
Enzymatic Cleaner
Use it to clean up your puppy's indoor “accidents” …. Yes, it happens!

Schedule Potty Time

You can make a potty time schedule for you puppy. If you observe him closely, you will notice that dogs behave in a certain way when they need to go to the toilet. It's a simple routine they perform over and over again.

Based on my personal experience with dogs, I would say that the best time take your puppy to the toilet is ...

First thing in the morning
Last thing at night
After being in his crate
After naps
About 5 minutes after meals
After drinking water
After any activity like playtime or walks
Right after car rides

Preventing Accidents:

In the first stages of potty training, I recommend you to use the crate and the leash to prevent accidents, how?
You are going to use the crate when you can't supervise your dog. That way you will prevent many accidents within the house.

But remember that using the crate should be preceded by appropriate dog crate training. This is the first step you should take when your puppy arrives.


Use the leash to hold your puppy in check , and keep him close to you within the house at all times (you may fasten the leash to your belt). That way you can supervise your little friend and prevent accidents from occuring. You should know that accidents will occur, but less frequently if you supervise your dog . 

Alarm Toilet Moment Arriviiing!

By keeping a closer look at your puppy's behavior you can “predict” the moment he will go to the toilet. Get ready PRONTO when you notice that your buddy is:

Staring at you
Wandering off

Teaching Your Dog Where
To Do His Thing

I am going to tell you how to train your dog to go to the toilet outdoors or indoors , if you live in a condo and the access to the patio is too far away from the apartment.

Going Outside

Choose an area where your puppy can do his thing. It should be a quiet and secluded place where he can “concentrate”.
Attach the leash and take your puppy to the chosen spot. This is no time for playing, now. He must understand that this is the moment to work as a team with you, so don't remove the leash once you are outdoors.

When you get to the chosen spot, wait patiently, this is a moment of great importance, you know.
Tell him ... “Go potty!” ... so your puppy begins to associate the spoken word with the action.
Once he is done, give him a treat and tell him ...”Good boy!”. Yes! Your puppy has done a job, so reward him for his effort.
But if minutes pass by and nothing happens, don't get mad or yell at him. Just take him to the crate to avoid accidents. Wait 10 minutes and then take him again to the designated area.
Repeat the process to develop the habit. You'll see that when your buddy learns where the toilet is, he won't forget it. Eventually, he will let you know when it's time to go to the toilet, I give you my word.

Going Inside

Choose a toilet area within the house and cover it with newspaper sheets, it works great as potty area.

It is advisable to use the same place where you leave your puppy when you are away from home as his toilet area. His sense of smell will help him identify and properly use the place you have assigned him to do his thing.

Take your puppy to the area where the newspaper sheets are, and just wait. Once he is done, reward him and tell him “Good boy!”
If any accident occurs away from the toilet area, just place a piece of newspaper over it and take it to the toilet area. Your puppy will smell his way to the real designated area the next time he needs to do it.
It is very important , at least during the first moths, to reward your puppy everytime you see him do it in his potty area. Once he learns the drill, it won't be necessary to keep on rewarding him.

What To Do If You Work All Day?

Spend some of your leisure time to train your puppy. The most time you spend with him, the better it will be for both of you. If you work all day, you may begin the training during the week-end.

Consider any other alternative to spend more time with your puppy during the first days, maybe taking some time off or asking a friend to help you out.

Your puppy might need to go to the toilet every 2 or 3 hours, so it's important to have somebody around to supervise him.

Caught In The Act ….. Now What?

If you catch your puppy doing piddle in some other place away from the designated area, simply tell him “Out, out, out”, and take him to the potty area.

When he is done, tell him “Good boy” and reward him. Remember, do not punish him or yell at him because he will hesitate to do it when you are around and might go somewhere else instead, far away from you, to do his thing.

Great Tips You Can Follow

If for some reason you don't want to leave your puppy in his crate while you are away , you may fix an area to confine him and assign him a toilet area placing some newspaper sheets on the floor.
Limit his access to such areas as the rooms, the kitchen, the bathrooms, etc. The idea is to keep your puppy as close to you as possible at all times. That way you will prevent him from getting into some kind of trouble.
If possible, get rid of the rugs in the house. Dogs simply love to use absorvent surfaces as toilet areas. I'm trying to keep you from getting a headache, you will thank me for that.

Any areas in the house with no doors? No problem, install a baby gate . That should keep your puppy away from that specific area.
I bet you are wondering how long it takes for your puppy to go to the toilet. Determine it by adding 1 to your puppy's age (in months).
For example: If your puppy is 4 months old + 1 = 5 hours.

The process for training an adult dog is the same as for a puppy. The only difference is that an adult dog will learn faster because he will have more control of his need to go to the toilet.

Remember that in order to be successful you have to be patient, plan a schedule, be consistent, reward your dog when he behaves well and (very important ) no yelling or punishing him when he misbehaves.

Don't worry, your dog will learn, you'll see. If you follow my tips, you two are going to get it done.

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