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How Can You Tell If Your Dog Is Pregnant? Simple Steps To Know How

How Can You Tell If Your Dog Is Pregnant? Simple Steps To Know How
Unlike human beings it is difficult to ascertain on how to tell if your dog is pregnant. You would only know about dog pregnancy until a few days are remaining for the puppies to see the world.

The period during which the embryo develops in a female dog is approximately sixty days long. In an idealistic situation the dog owner will be very eager to know if the dog is pregnant or not by noticing the general symptoms.

Here it is very important to note the understanding of the term pseudo pregnancy which means artificial pregnancy. Many dogs experience symptoms as if they are pregnant but actually these are only symptoms and have nothing to do with actual pregnancy. Such a situation becomes a bit difficult to handle.

The main question that arises here is how to determine if the bitch is exactly pregnant. 

Listed below are a few factors to help you with how can you tell if your dog is pregnant. 

- Increase in the appetite of the bitch.
- The fleshing out of the nipples.
- The laziness feeling in the dog. Decrease of activity and the feeling of just lying down.
- Change in the overall personality of the bitch with regards to the physical appearance and change in the behavior.
- A very solid abdomen which is sturdy.
- Continuous urinations and fluid discharge from the vagina.
- Feeling of morning sickness on a regular basis.
- The above mentioned symptoms (how to tell if you dog is pregnant) are but a few ones which can be noticed by the owners at their home itself.

In order to detect the pregnancy it would be better if the dog is taken to the veterinary and he will then detect whether the dog is really pregnant or is it just pseudo pregnancy.

The veterinary would take the following measures to ensure the dog's pregnancy.

Sound technology

The ultra sound technology helps the doctor to detect the sound and the heart beats of the puppy. This will help the owner to know about the pregnancy of the bitch. However the this would be possible only after twenty five days of the setting of the pregnancy.

Abdomen checking

A thorough checking of the abdomen will give a surety of the pregnancy. The vet will determine if there is a puppy inside the bitch's womb or is it the development of some of the fat tissues in her abdomen. In the latter case the possibility of pregnancy will definitely be ruled out.

Skeleton development of puppies

With the help of X rays the veterinary will be able to determine if there is skeletal development of the puppies in the bitch's body. This is possible only after 40 to 45 days of pregnancy as removing an X ray before that would not be advisable for the dog. It may lead to unnecessary passing of the X ray radiations.

Hormonal checking

A certain substance like relaxin is released by the dogs when they are pregnant. This is due to the hormonal changes that take place in the bitch's body.

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