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Is Using A Dog Barking Collar A Good Idea To Stop The Annoying Barking Sound?

Is using a dog barking collar a good idea to stop the annoying barking sound?
Does your dog bark at everything she sees and hears? A dog that barks constantly is a real pain in the neck, agree? What do you think: Is using a dog barking collar a good idea to stop the annoying barking sound?

It's frustrating for us humans to have an ambulant boom box in the house barking at everything that moves. Is your dog barking at the moon, all night long?
Of course, we all know that barking is a dog's way of communicating ( except the Basenji, the only dog that doesn't bark). I am sure you want to avoid a dog barking complaint from your neighbours!

But when their barking becomes a continual noise we should find out what's causing such behavior before we begin dog training barking techniques

Why Dogs Bark?

There are several reasons why dogs bark.First, dogs bark as a response to a stimulus. For example , your dog might bark to let you know about an approaching stranger. Yes, like the mailman, why not?

As a matter of fact, for many of them, the mailman is their greatest enemy. They can detect his presence from the distance, and they'll start barking even when he is still a mile away from your door.

As he gets closer, the barking will intensify. Then, all hell breaks loose. Once he is gone, it's all heavenly peace again.

Second, barking at strangers is the dog's way to defend her territory. A dog that considers herself the leader of the family, may adopt such behavior because she understands that protecting her domains and her family is one of the main responsibilities of a leader. 

Barking For No Obvious Reason:
If you don't know the evident reason for your dog's barking, it could be one of the following:

Anxiety (Separation Anxiety)
She wants attention!
Such factors may cause your dog great stress. Do you want to know how your dog canalizes her stress? Destroying your property and barking repeatedly, that's how!

Barking For Attention - A Puppy Thing:

All puppies go through a stage in which their owner is the center of their universe. They can't stand being alone and they follow you everywhere, simply to catch your attention.
Leaving them alone in the house might become a serious problem because they will begin to bark or even cry.

Doesn't it break you heart when you leave her alone? Here are some ideas on how to deal with that situation.

Barking In The Car:

For some dogs being inside a car becomes their worst nightmare. They feel imprisoned and bothered by all the movement around them.

In addition to that, the car sort of creates an effect similar to that of protecting their territory. Because of all those sensations, dogs begin to bark desperately and you begin pulling you hair off … because you don't know what to do.

Here are some tips for you to deal with your own stress. 

Dog Training Barking Tips!

Since you don't know the possible reasons for your dog's continual barking, it's time to deal with the problem, at once.

To quiet your barker, try the following tips:

Never yell at your dog while she is barking. She will think you are backing her up, and guess what'll happen …yes more barking.
Set down your position as the leader right from day one. How do you do that? Not allowing your new puppy to do as she likes, and clearly establishing the rules to be followed.
Avoid leaving your dog alone for a long period of time. The combination of boredom and territorial behavior will “shift her into the barking mode”.
If your dog is an overnight guardian like Batman, crate her or secure her with her leash so she can't access the rest of the house.
Take your dog out for her daily walk and spend some time playing with her, so she can exercise her body and mind. Mental and physical stimulation does away with dog anxiety, stress and boredom. Take my word, it works.
Keep your dog on drag leash within the house. This way you can control her if she runs to the door barking at visitors or pedestrians who just pass by. If your dog is not leash trained, read my article dog leash training.

Sometimes it is better to ignore the barking if you understand all she wants is attention. She'd rather have your attention even when all she is going to get is a reprimand, so just ignore her.

Overcoming Barking In The Car:
Use a Seat Belt Safety Lead (SBSL) to hold your dog still while you drive.
Using your training leash , lead your dog in and out of the car. Once she gets inside, cheer her up and give her a yummy treat.
Start your car engine and, using your training leash, walk your dog around the car for a few minutes. You may stop beside the car if you wish. The idea is that your dog will get used to the sound of the car.
Play dogs music and stay cool. Her anxiety will intensify if she perceives your frustration and your car will turn into a fighting ring, and that's a no-no situation. Driving a car, as you already know, is a serious matter and it demands all your attention.
Muzzle her, this restraint can calm your dog almost automatically because it controls her most powerful asset, her mouth!
Use a Bark LimiterG3 , it provides very gentle, but persuasive control of excessive barking. This training tool can be worn by even the smallest dog.
The Bark Limiter has five correction levels. This is a perfect tool when you are not at home. With a Bark LimiterG3 You won't get frustrated with your dog anymore!

And remember, everything dogs do, they do for a reason, and certainly barking is not an exception.

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