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Labrador Dog Food To Stay Away From And Food You Should Feed Your Lab

Labrador Dog Food to Stay Away From and Food You Should Feed Your Lab
Now that you have brought home a cute Labrador puppy, it is very crucial that you take care of its food, and feed it properly, and at regular intervals to ensure a proper growth of the puppy. To choose the right Labrador dog food is not an easy task as nowadays you have plenty of varieties available of Labrador food in the market.

Choose the Best Dog Food For Labrador Retrievers

One thing that you should always be aware of is the fact that all Labradors are mad about eating, and they are therefore, called greedy dogs. So, donít just keep feeding them in large quantities, in fact what you need is quality food for them so that they get all the nutrients required for their proper growth and care in all ages.

The dogís food should be a mix of vitamins, minerals, and calcium. Calcium is very important for a dogís strength as it strengthens the muscles of a Labrador. It is advised that every meal should have at least 2% of calcium.
Apart from the packaged food available in the market, you can also include veggies like, broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, pasta, and multigrain bread in a Labrador dog food diet.

If preparing a meal at home, endure that it has 70% cereals, 30% meat, but again as mentioned earlier, 2% calcium is a must in every single diet that it feeds on.

Labrador Dog Food to Stay Away From

It is strongly recommended that you should not rely much on cheaper dog foods available in the market as these are sure to give to your dog, health and stomach disorders. Check the expiry before buying any dog food and see to it that whatever food items you pick are of a good quality with all the health benefit ingredients

How much dog food should I feed my Labrador?

Balanced diet is the key for Labradorís health. This breed could easily gain weight so keep the amount of fat in his food up to 40%. Feeding one and a half cup of food at a time is highly advisable.

What exactly a Labrador dog diet is?

Labrador must eat food that has minerals, vitamin E, carbohydrates and small percentage of fat. You can find sources of these and feed them to your puppy. Also, give him bones so that he gets enough calcium in his body.

What does a adult Labrador eat?

You can purchase dog food since it has all the nutrition that a dog requires to stay healthy. Then you can give him meat, rice and bones so that he has proper amount of protein and calcium in his body.

What should be a proper feed for a Labrador dog?

Labs must be fed thrice in a day. Once in morning, then in afternoon followed by night. Each time make sure that you donít give more than one or one and a half cup of food. Include bones, rice, pasta, etc in his food.

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